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Oman, with 300,000 square kilometers of very varied, striking terrain occupies the south-eastern part of the peninsula, with a coastline which extends for 1,700 kilometers. Encouraged by His Majesty, scholars started to investigate the remote past of this historic land where man first appeared after the last Ice Age, about 12,000 BC. Though very little known about the pre-Islamic past, many fascinating discoveries have been made. Archeological sites dating back to the third millennium BC are believed to be contemporary with the regionís Berber culture and the great river culture of Mesopotamia and Mohenjodaro. Evidence has been found of trade between Summer, a land which existed before Babylon, and Oman.


To the west Oman borders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; to the south, Republic of Yemen; to the north the strait of Hormuz; and to the east the Arabian Sea.


Geographically, Oman falls into a number of district Areas.

Muscat Area, the most important of this densely populated area are the lovely old capital of Muscat sheltered in its picturesque bay; the larger modern port